Q. How would you describe the different shades of tan in the range?


"When I'm not performing I use the gentle and natural mousses as a day to day tan to give myself a gentle glow, or as a top up when my tan is gradually fading. I would recommend these shades for lighter skin tones resulting in a healthy and natural glow.  The rich is a lovely deep tan and great for the stage, but also for when you want to look and feel good whether you are getting ready for a holiday or simply as a pick me up. The intense is great for the pro competitor and as the name suggests, it's intense, also ideal for the home user who desires a deeper, darker tan but remember you should always do a patch test to get an idea". 


Q. Tell us about the sparkle gels?


"The gold is intense and a little goes a long way while the silver is a little more subtle and very elegant. As well as looking great with the tanning mousses you can add that little extra bit of pizzazz with a touch of gold or silver sparkle gel. These contain no added tan and will simply give you and your skin a lovely shimmer. The sparkle gels can also be used on naked skin with no tan and still look great, ideal for performers or for that special night out." 

Q. What about the instant gels and mousse? 


"As the name suggests the instant gels and mousses give an instant colour when not using a gradual fade tan. These products will give you an immediate glow which will wash off. Ideal for people who want to look good and sparkle but need to let their skin regain its natural colour after washing. Perfect for those one night shows or nights out when you need to go back to normality the next day. Available with or without sparkle". 

Q. Strip oil sounds intriguing? What’s that about?


"The strip oil is something I’m very excited about. This is something that I have personally developed after years of performing and having understood the importance of looking good whilst caring for your skin. If you are looking for a relaxing way of removing your tan then all you need to do is lie back in a warm bath and pour in some strip oil, it will gently remove your superficial tan leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. You may need to give your bath a wipe afterwards but it's worth it". 


Q. Is there anyone who should be careful when using your products?


"I recommend as with any new beauty product to always perform a patch test at least 24 hours prior to use in case of allergies. I would also recommend that pregnant ladies, in the first trimester (13 weeks) or those breast feeding should seek professional medical adivce prior to using any of these products due to hormonal changes. Some ladies may also become more sensitive to some products when pregnant so this advice is a general precaution."   


Q. What else can we expect from the by.flavia range?


"Watch this space!"